Various Tmall Membership Levels and Perks

Tmall Memberships and levels and perks all explained

Various Tmall Membership Levels and Perks

If you have previously made a purchase on Tmall and have completed the required fields in your personal information, you are eligible to be activated as a member of the Tmall community. The exclusive birthday privilege, service privilege, brand privilege, trading privilege, and other exclusive privileges that come with Tmall membership are just some of the benefits that come with membership.


Currently, there are four membership tiers, which are designated as T1, T2, T3, and T4: T1 Tmall members are only required to meet the requirements for membership; T2 Tmall members are required to gain at least 1,500 XP and make a purchase at least three times in a calendar year to qualify. T3 Tmall members must earn a minimum of 8,000 XP and make a purchase at least six times in a calendar year; and Obtaining at least 22,000 XP and making at least 18 purchases in a calendar year are requirements for T4 Tmall members. Please keep in mind that if you complete several transactions in a single day, they are all counted as one transaction.

2. What is the best way to gain experience points?

There are four different ways to earn experience points: When you make a purchase, the following is how XP is calculated: No XP will be awarded for items with unit prices less than 5 yuan; for items with unit prices between 5 and 150 yuan, you'll gain 1 XP for every yuan; for items with unit prices between 150 and 400, you'll gain 1.5 XP for every yuan; and for items with unit prices greater than 400 yuan, you'll gain 2 XP for every yuan. In addition, when you log in from the homepage, you will be rewarded with 5XP. This reward will be given to you once per day at the most. In addition, if you make three or more purchases in a month, you will receive an additional 100XP as a thank you. Commenting earns you 5 XP per comment: For each time someone comments, you will receive 5 XP for your efforts.

Member Advantages and Privileges

Tmall provides a plethora of privileges for members of various tiers within the organization. Allow me to elaborate on just a few of them that may be of interest to international users. The warranty card should be returned. Tmall provides a different number of free return warranty cards to its members at different levels of membership status. Members of T1 will receive one card, members of T2 will receive two cards, members of T3 will receive three cards, and members of T4 will receive four cards. This return card, on the other hand, is only valid for domestic use. If you request a refund from another country, you may only receive a 5-18 yuan refund for domestic charges. Tmall points are worth 3.2. Following your registration as a Tmall member, you will begin to accumulate points for every purchase you make through The points that you have accumulated can be redeemed for cash on your subsequent purchase. Birthday privileges are number 3.3. Tmall will give you a double-point card during the month of your birthday. This month, whenever you make a purchase from Tmall, you'll receive double points for your purchase.

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