What Should I Do With My Taobao Coins?

How to use TaoBao coins and What is TaoBao

What Should I Do With My Taobao Coins?

Taobao coin is the point accumulation system on Taobao.com, which allows you to earn Taobao coins with every transaction you make on the site. Taobao members in the V1-V3 level can collect up to 20 Taobao coins per day, V4-V5 members can collect up to 30 coins per day, and V6 members can collect up to 40 coins per day. The cash rebate offered by these Taobao coins can be redeemed at a number of participating Taobao stores. You can exchange one yuan for every 100 Taobao coins, and you can use the coins to get a discount of up to 30% off the product price.

First, we'll take a look at what to do.
Check the amount of Taobao coins you have in your account. Select "Collect coins for cash rebate" from the drop-down menu. We can see "My Taobao Coins" in this section, which displays the total number of coins available for cash rebate, as shown in the illustration below:

Taobao Coins001 Taobao Coins002 Taobao Coins003

Taobao coins can only be used in Taobao shops, and no other stores accept them. It is not valid for use in Tmall retail establishments. A "Special Deal" line is visible in the following example of a Taobao shop, which states "1 percent rebate with Taobao coins." This is in addition to the usual discounts. We are aware that we can make use of Taobao coins in this establishment:

Step 3 of the Taobao Coins003 process
On the checkout page, select the checkbox that says "Use Taobao coins." Enter the maximum number of Taobao coins allowed – we want to save as much money as possible, so we want to use as many coins as possible. In this example, we are only allowed to use a total of 23 Taobao coins, as shown in the table below:

Step 4 of the Taobao Coins004 process
Orders should be submitted in the usual manner. That's all there is to it.

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