How to use Wegobuy Step by Step

This article will be dealing with how to buy from Wegobuy in a step by step manner

How to use Wegobuy Step by Step

If you have recently gotten into the field of buying rare finds from sites such as Taobao, then it would serve you well to know about what exactly Wegobuy is and how you can buy products from Taobao by using it.

Simply put, Wegobuy is essentially a shopping agent (a medium in simple terms) which allows one to deliver a certain good to a warehouse and then get the said product delivered to another country at the doorsteps.

Keep reading below to know more about how you can use Wegobuy to purchase items from Taobao!

What is Wegobuy?

Wegobuy is a popular shopping agent mainly used for buying from sites such as Taobao, as products from Taobao cannot be bought directly like one does through Amazon or Ebay. This is where shopping agents like Wegobuy come in as they help out in buying various products from Taobao at cheap prices along with professional delivering services.

How to use Wegobuy step by step

To successfully buy products using Wegobuy, do the following:

  1. Go to the Wegobuy website and select your favorite product

  2. Once you are done with selecting the size, click on Buy now
  3. You will be brought to the shopping cart, tap on the orange icon to proceed if you are not using Google translate to continue or you may use the English version of Wegobuy.

  4. You will be bought to the submit window, enter your country of choice and make the necessary edits, once you are done, click on the Submit button

  5. You will be brought to the payment window section, select your payment of choice such as either Visa or PayPal, once you have selected, confirm the payment by clicking on Pay now

Once you have done this, you will have successfully purchased your order, but this is only the beginning.

Once your order reaches a warehouse, do the following:

  1. Find your order in the My Warehouse and check your product images for the quality inspection, you may also ask for extra photos for a fee
  2. Once you are done with your inspection, submit the order for shipping

  3. You will be given the option to select from various delivery agents such as DHL or EMS along with putting tax value for the product, make sure to enter the declared amount to the weight of the product, you may also select extra delivery services for a fee

  4. Once you are done, accept the disclaimer you receive and click on Submit Delivery Order,
  5. You will be brought to the same purchase window, choose your payment system of choice and proceed

With this, your order will be confirmed, simply wait for your product to be delivered at your address.

Can customs authority seize my haul?

As the purchase of replica/counterfeit product lies on the bad side of the law, one may indeed face the trouble of having their haul being seized by the customs during the delivery process, one may purchase an insurance from Wegobuy to ensure that at least, the buyer is covered in the case that they get their desired product seized and and sent back.

One may do several things to ensure that there are lesser chances of getting their products seized, these may include:

  • Putting a lower declared tax amount than the actual product along with making sure the weight of the products do not exceed 5+ kg
  • Instructing the shopping agent to remove any sort of branded tags, put the invoice outside the box along with throwing away any boxes that may indicate the product is a counterfeit.

Besides these, you may try to split your order to reduce the amount of weight of the package to make sure that the product is not seized during the process of delivery.


While Wegobuy is a good shopping agent, it may serve well to try and remain careful and on the lookout while getting your products delivered as one mistake may cost you your favorite haul. One important thing anyone should do before buying from a shopping agent is to make sure that they get insurance from the shopping agent in the case of a haul being seized to ensure that there is no huge loss for the buyer.



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