How to use Sugargoo step by step

This article will be dealing with the topic of using Sugargoo to buy various products such as those from Taobao

How to use Sugargoo step by step

How to use Sugargoo? Those who are looking to buy replica/counterfeit or UA products normally have to choose a shopping agent to be able to buy from sites such as Taobao or alike.

Sugargoo is one of the better-known shopping agents in the market from which you can buy various good quality products at cheap prices without experiencing too much hassle.

This article will be dealing with how to use Sugargoo in a step-by-step manner, simply keep reading below to know more about how to buy from Sugargoo.

What is Sugargoo? How does it work?

If you are wondering what exactly is Sugargoo, it is a shopping agent. Shopping agents are normally meant to help people in buying various products from sites such as Taobao as getting them otherwise is mostly impossible at cheap prices, neither can the rare products be bought from Taobao as the site does not allow direct purchasing and is in the original Mandarin language.

Buy using Sugargoo, one can buy any products from Taobao without much hassle besides making sure that the tax amount and weightage of the products are not crudely handled, which may result in eventual confiscation of the products.

How to use Sugargoo

To know how to use Sugargoo, do the following steps below:

  1. Go to the Sugargoo site and find a product of your choice

  2. Select the size, color etc… And click on Buy now

  3. You will be brought to the shopping cart, if you have multiple products and want to buy only a single one, simply check or uncheck. Once you are done, click on Submit

  4. You will be brought to a window where you can include services for photos along with priority purchase, do the needful and click on Confirm Submission

  5. Once on the payments section, select your preferred payment service and click on Confirm Payment

With this, your payment will be confirmed and your order bought successfully, simply wait for the product to arrive at a warehouse.

Once the product arrives, do the following:

  1. Go to your warehouse section on Sugargoo and check the products, once you are satisfied, click on Submit Parcel and confirm whether you want to proceed or not

  2. Enter your address, select the delivery agent such as DHL or EMS, enter a declared amount that is calculated according to the weight of your product, you may also select other services such as shockproof or waterproof packing along with others
  3. Click on Submit Parcel

You will be brought to the payment gateway, select your preferred payment system and pay.

This should be more than enough to buy from Sugargoo without much trouble, make sure to enter your declared amount after calculating the cost of the weight of your products to be shipped.

What happens if my haul is seized?
if you are unfortunate enough to get your product seized by the customs authority, then there is nothing much to do after that. What one can indeed do is try and do some prior checks and changes to make sure that their haul is not ultimately confiscated:

  • Make sure that the declared amount for the tax is lower or just slightly equal to the product you are buying, else if your declared amount is too high, there will be more chances of the haul being seized or being charged a hefty shipping fee.
  • Make sure that the weightage of the entire haul is less than 5 kg, the best way to do this is by splitting your products or simply buying one each at a time, although that might be costly

Aside from this, you may also try to get the tags, any unnecessary packaging along with boxes removed to ensure lesser chances of the customs authority finding out that the product is a replica/counterfeit


If you are looking to buy at relatively cheap prices and along with professional delivery services, knowing how to use Sugargoo will be an step in doing that. Once you are well-versed with Sugargoo, buying anything from Taobao using it will be as easy as cutting a slice of pie!

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