Review of China Post's Air Mail Service

China Post Mail Service Review, How Does China Post Mail Service work

Review of China Post's Air Mail Service

A lightweight parcel delivery service provided by China Post Small Parcel, also known as China Post Air Mail, is available to customers in over 220 countries and regions around the world at a low cost to them.

Normal Air Mail and Registered Air Mail are the two types of China Post Air Mail that can be sent internationally. The former has a lower rate but does not provide shipment tracking, whereas the latter has a higher rate but provides shipment tracking online. The tracking information, on the other hand, is very limited.

Postage and Packing Fees

China Post Small Parcel is extremely affordable, and it has a significant cost advantage over the other available delivery options (such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.)

There are no customs duties or clearance fees from China Customs, but there may be import duties from the country of final destination.

Each participant must pay an 8 yuan registration fee.

Calculation of Fees

The price of small parcels is calculated on the basis of a per 10 g rate, and it ranges from 120 yuan/kg to 180 yuan/kg. For every 10g of weight, a fee is charged; for example, an item weighing 32g will be charged a fee of 40 g. It would cost 5 yuan if the shipping rate was 120 yuan/kg, and the fee would be 5 yuan.

To China's neighboring Asian countries in 5-10 days, to European countries and the United States in 7-15 days, and to other countries and regions in 7-30 days are typical delivery times.

Size and weight restrictions apply.

2 kg is the maximum weight allowed for a small parcel delivery.
Non-circular parcel: length + width + height 90 cm, each side 60 cm, length 14 cm, width 9 cm, length 14 cm, width 9 cm.
104 cm in diameter and length, with each side measuring 90 cm, twice the diameter and length of 17 cm, and a length of 10 cm for a cylindrical parcel.

The delivery time is usually longer than anticipated. The normal delivery time to developed countries is approximately 7-14 days, while the delivery time for small packages may be even longer. Aside from that, sellers must consider the amount of time it will take to complete the transshipment. In most cases, goods will be shipped to Hong Kong via Shenzhen before being delivered to the final destination country.

Parcel loss can be a significant problem due to the fact that each country and region's post office has a different standard of air mail services and that delivery times are lengthy.

Air Mail is best suited for items that are light in weight and of low value, such as 3C accessories, fashion accessories, and so on.

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