These Shoe Brands are Super Reliable

These Shoe Brands are Super Reliable

This first “report card” of the top clothing brands will focus on footwear brands. What`s especially galling about footwear brands is that so many of them are associated with the countries they originated in. Everyone knows that Nike is an American brand, Adidas is a German brand, Reebok is British, UGG is Australian. But you`d be wrong in every case. Most of these companies have very few meaningful ties with their original countries anymore. Nike and Adidas shoes are mainly produced in China or Vietnam. Reebok was no longer a British company when it was acquired by Reebok. Recently acquired by Authentic Brands Group, which  plans to expand into China, it owns iconic brands such as Aeropostale, Forever 21, Brooks Brothers, Barneys, Izod, Juicy Couture, Eddie Bauer and Nine West. A one-stop shop if you want to take  over after a CCP-backed company is released. 

 And the UGG brand was never Australian. Adopting the  Australian boot design, trademarking the Australian general expression, outsourcing the production of "Australian" shoes to China, while keeping the real Australians out of the lucrative U.S. market. It was a company. As the CCP becomes more and more nationalistic, we can expect  to encourage local manufacturers to use all the secrets they have learned from Nike and Adidas to build a China-based Anta brand. By the way, Anta already owns brands such as Wilson Sporting Goods and Louisville Slugger. (Yes, the company based in China not only manufactures all  basketballs and all  baseball bats used in professional sports, but also owns them. It's cool, isn't it?) 

In short, it's It's a mess. This NPR article explains why shoe manufacturing will almost certainly not return to the United States. What we can do as a consumer is to coordinate with the wallet so that the shoe maker does not put all the eggs in the China basket.  As explained in the introduction of these testimonies, my approach here ranks the most popular and top shoe brands, the amount of supply chains that China can monopolize and the shamelessness they are bowing to. Is to give "alpha grade" based on  to the Chinese Communist Party. In summary, look at the most popular clothing and shoe brands measured by YouGov polls and "rank" them according to  how closely they relate to China. 

Unfortunately, no company has not transferred at least part of its production to China. However, many companies are beginning to diversify their supply chains, either because they recognize the stupidity of allowing China to monopolize  production, or  simply because China is  too expensive. This means that some shoes (even within the same model number) may be manufactured in other countries such as China or Vietnam. In such cases, the best way to avoid Chinese products is to go to the store and read the label yourself.

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