How Shipping from Pacel to China Costs

How does Shipping from Pacel and China work

How Shipping from Pacel to China Costs

Are you considering purchasing and shipping products from China via the internet? In the event that a shipment arrives from a country other than your own, it must be cleared through customs and may be subject to duties and taxes before it can be delivered to you. The process can be complicated, which is why I've written this post to provide information on customs-related issues from four different perspectives.

  • What is the difference between customs clearance and customs duty?
  • What kind of tax do we have to pay?
  • How to make your tax payment
  • Tax avoidance strategies are used to avoid paying taxes.

We must be familiar with the customs clearance process and customs duties.What Is the Purpose of Customs Clearance?

To put it another way, it is the process of submitting documents for relevant customs procedures (such as payment of duties and examination by customs) after the goods have been delivered to the customs.

What Is the Meaning of Customs Duty?
A tax levied on goods when they are transported across international borders is known as a border tax. There are two types of duties: export duty and import duty. When it comes to purchasing from China, we are only concerned with the import duty.

What is the amount of tax that we are responsible for?

In order to determine the value of goods for the purpose of charging Customs Duty, the price paid or payable for the goods is multiplied by the cost of transportation (including postage), insurance, and any loading or handling charges associated with delivering the goods into your country.
Every country has its own set of duty rates, and customs officers are in charge of determining, imposing, and collecting these fees and taxes.

What Is The Best Way To Pay The Tax?
Once we have determined the taxable amount as well as the applicable duty rate, we can calculate the amount that must be paid.
Whether or not you have to pay customs is dependent on which courier company you use to ship your package. If you use premium shipping services like DHL, TNT, or FedEx, the company will email you an invoice of customs, and their personnel will come to your door to collect payment at the time of delivery.

As soon as your courier reaches your local post office (China Air mail, Singapore Air mail, Hong Kong Air mail, etc.), you will receive a call from the post office, and you will be required to go to the post office and pay the fee.

How Can I Avoid Paying Import Taxes?

Please keep in mind that not all products will be subject to taxation. While chance may play a role, there are some strategies that we can employ in order to avoid paying taxes.

Try to stay away from direct shipping. Transshipment is a better alternative.
Some taobao sellers offer the option of direct shipping to their customers. Because they want to ensure a safe shipment, they will typically use well-established courier services such as DHL, UPS, and other similar companies, which will charge a duty fee.

When dealing with large quantities and weights, divide them equally!
The reason for the division is to reduce the size of the parcel in order to avoid drawing attention to it. Consider the following scenario: you are declaring a large, heavy box of personal belongings; will customs skip inspecting it? Second, it is to diversify your assets so that, even if you are subjected to taxation, you can minimize the amount of money you lose. Check the weight: it's best if it stays within 30 pounds of the maximum. After that, look at the size: You are aware of the total weight of your items. Consider the following scenario: you have purchased two down jackets from a retailer. Although the weight would be within the standard, it would still be subject to taxation. Why? It's due to the sheer volume of information! Two down jackets will have a larger parcel size than other heavier items because they are thicker and bulkier. Customs will undoubtedly look into it further.

Purchases of heavy items should be avoided.

All of us are familiar with the fact that couriers use a variety of different transportation routes to ship different types of products at a variety of different shipping rates. There are specific routes for shipping valuable items, and there are specific routes for shipping bulky items. As a general rule, we should avoid purchasing large or heavy items, not only because they will increase the shipping costs, but also because they will slow down the shipping process. Heavy items are more likely to be held by customs for examination, resulting in a delay and other inconveniences for the recipient.

Try not to have all of the same items in the same shipment.
Try to pack a variety of different items in the same package so that when you declare it, it will appear as a long list of many different items. If a large number of the same item are imported, the customs authorities may decide to inspect the shipment. Become a fan of mine on social media.I am very active on a variety of social media platforms, in addition to this blog. Consequently, when compared to the comments section of this blog, social media is a much faster and more effective means of communicating with me. I also keep my social media accounts up to date with the latest Taobao and 1688 articles, tips, rule changes, and latest promotions, among other things. If you're serious about doing business in China, you can't afford to ignore my social media accounts. The following are the social media accounts that I maintain:

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