Whether or not Bhiner is a reputable Taobao agent,

Is Bhiner a Legit place? Bhiner Review

Whether or not Bhiner is a reputable Taobao agent,

Bhiner bills itself as a professional Taobao agent that assists international buyers in placing orders for products on Taobao.com. The company's emphasis is on providing a seamless and simple shopping experience. Bhiner's advertises the following as its top features:

Responsiveness – The ability to shop from anywhere using a mobile phone or iPad. (It should be noted that the word "Convenience" is most likely intended.)
Dedicated employees – Working with people who are genuinely concerned about the customer
Before delivery, take photographs to reduce the likelihood of receiving incorrect items.
Provide a user-friendly platform by keeping things simple.
Check, check, check, and check some more. But how do these features fit into the overall scheme of things when placing an order with Bhiner?

1.) Is it simple to navigate through their website?

This streamlining is reflected in the design of the Bhiner website. Modern design elements are used to emphasize a stylish yet carefree shopping experience on the homepage. The products on display are presented in a simple and straightforward manner. Essentially, it's like browsing through a high-end women's fashion catalog.

The process of adding a product to the shopping cart of a registered account holder is very simple. An enjoyable shopping cart experience can be had by all. For comments and questions about cart items, the integrated message/e-mail functions for sending them to Bhiner are a welcome and convenient addition.

Unfortunately, the informational sections of the website are also on the minimalistic side: both the "How Bhiner Works" and the FAQ pages are slated to be released "in the near future."

The absence of a comprehensive, filterable list of product categories makes the search process more difficult, as it is conducted entirely through keyword search. The only filter available is one that is based on a price range.

First and foremost, Bhiner's service charge of 5 percent (price of goods plus domestic shipping) is one of the lowest in the industry.

First and foremost, Bhiner is one of the few agents who is knowledgeable about the dangers of purchasing and importing potentially illegal imitation goods.

In addition, the Bhiner website's detailed and informative Customs and Duty tips assist shoppers in avoiding potentially high-cost taxes and time-consuming customs inspections in their local jurisdiction.

More information can be found at: Taobao Agent Pricing Comparisons[/su note]

3.) What is the quality of their customer service?

A close examination of the Bhiner website reveals only a few hints as to how to get in touch with Customer Support. Staff members are available to answer questions via email or Skype, according to the information at the bottom of the "Help" section. Otherwise, the Bhiner message box, as well as the message/email functions, are accessible after logging into your account. A local clock on the Bhiner homepage displays the current online availability of customer service agents, which is valid between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

They offer a translation service that converts Chinese to English, or you can send them an email at cs@bhiner.com with the information about your desired item.

4.) What types of payment methods are accepted on Bhiner?
Payment methods include everything from PayPal to popular credit cards, bank transfers, MoneyGram, and Western Union – though most of them have service fees or require a minimum amount of money to be paid.

5.) What types of shipping methods do they offer?

Bhiner accepts the following shipping methods: DHL, EMS, Aramex, UPS, Fedex, China Post: Air parcel, SAL parcel, HongKong Post, Bhiner Express, and a variety of other methods not listed. They offer a 40 percent discount on certain shipping methods, which are listed below.

Using an automated approximate shipping-price calculator based on product cost, parcel weight, and destination, you can get a quick and comparative result for costs and delivery times to any location.

6.) Do Bhiner customers express satisfaction with the company's service?

Customers appeared to be pleased with their service as well as their website, according to their feedback. They were also pleased with the pricing, stating that it was reasonable and that the agent was well-worth the money. Customer complaints have been lodged, however, regarding their domestic shipping fee, with some customers claiming that they were overcharged for this fee.

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