Review of China Post Air Parcel Services

China Post Air Parcel Explained and Review

Review of China Post Air Parcel Services

China Post Air Parcel is a parcel delivery service provided by the Chinese postal service. A parcel can be delivered using one of the three modes of transportation listed below:

In the case of China Post AIR, a parcel will be delivered entirely by air, and it will typically take 10-15 working days to reach the intended country. The SAL (Surface Air Lifted) service provided by China Post is used when a flight is available to transport a parcel by air. In the event that no flights are available, land and sea transportation will be utilized. In order to reach the destination, it will take approximately 15-20 working days. THROUGHLAND AND SEA TRANSPORTATION: A parcel can only be delivered through land and sea transportation. It will take longer to arrive, between 1 and 2 months, but the shipping fee will be less. Postage Rate China Post Air Parcel is significantly less expensive than other shipping methods because it is not calculated based on size or weight.

Calculation of Fees
For air parcels, the calculation of the shipping fee is similar to that used for EMS packages, namely, it is based on every 500 g of weight.

Requirements for a Parcel

Greater than 2 kg and less than 30 kg in weight (for certain countries the maximum weight is 20 kg).

B. The maximum allowed size is:

1. Each side is 1.5 m long, and the total length plus the greatest cross-sectional circumference is 3 m long (maximum weight is 30 kg)

2. Each side is 1.05 m in length, and the length plus the greatest cross-sectional circumference is 2 m in length (maximum weight is 20 kg)


When using the China Post's Air Parcel service, it may be difficult to track the status of the package on the company's website. This will have an impact on the tracking system's timeliness and accuracy.

Air parcels are ideal for items that are both large in size and light in weight. It would be preferable to use a different delivery method for time-sensitive and valuable items.

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