How to use Cssbuy Step by Step

This article will be dealing with how to buy from Cssbuy in easy steps

How to use Cssbuy Step by Step

Cssbuy is Taobao’s most trusted shopping agent as it allows one to buy any sort of replica products at cheaper than thought prices along with a simple process of buying and payment system. 

This article will be dealing with how to use Cssbuy step by step as buying from Cssbuy for a first-timer will certainly still be complicated.

Keep reading below to more about how to use Cssbuy to purchase various products of your choice from the site!

What is Cssbuy? What can we buy using it?

Cssbuy is a shopping agent site, that is, it acts as a medium between the owner and a merchant such as Taobao by getting products delivered from it to their warehouses and then shipping the products from the said warehouses to the doorsteps of the buyer. A shopping agent in most cases such as Cssbuy is reliable and less likely to be seized thanks to the variety of options on the site that ensures the product is delivered safely to the buyer.

How to use Cssbuy 

Knowing how to use Cssbuy can be simple, simply follow the steps below to know about how to buy from Cssbuy:

  1. Select a product of your choice from the Cssbuy site and add it to your cart

  2. Check the shopping cart, once you are sure that you want to buy the product, click on PAY NOW

  3. You will brought to a window to check options such as for taking photos and quality checks along with which country you want the product to be delivered. Once you are done checking, click on SUBMIT TO BUY (make sure your balance is enough to buy the product, else you will have to recharge first with an appropriate payment system)

  4. You will be brought to the orders section, check to make sure your product is as desired, once you are done, click on Submit To Ship

  5. On the next page, enter your shipping address, select the delivery agent you would prefer to have your order delivered by such as EMS or DHL, finally, enter the declared amount as per the products you are buying along with a short description and quantity. Once you are done, click on Submit to Ship

With this, your order will be successfully shipped to your place in due time, may take a month depending on your place.

What happens if the haul gets seized?

If for any reason your haul from Cssbuy is ceased by the customs authority, then there, unfortunately, will be no way to get it back except by trying to order it again. One thing that everyone should do is to get an insurance package from the shopping agent in the event of possible confiscation of the haul, this helps in making sure the buyer's money remains secure.

Other things which one should do to make it so that the haul is not seized is:

  • Instruct the shopping agent to remove boxes, logos, brands etc... From the products as a way to ensure that the product remains less likely to be seized during delivery
  • Enter a declared tax amount that is lower than the product's price along with making sure that the weightage of the entire parcel is below 5 kg
  • Split your products to reduce the parcel size if possible, this will ensure lesser chances of the haul being seized as heavier weights are often more likely to be confiscated.

By doing some of these, you may be able to get your products safely delivered to your country without falling victim to a terrible event.


If you are not sure about buying from Cssbuy, you should remain assured, for Cssbuy is one of the best shopping agent sites one can buy various products from such as counterfeit/replica or even original but rare products. Just be on the vigil for any mistakes as a simple one will cause your haul to be confiscated and hence be never delivered.

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