A Review of the i30 TWS Airpods for 2021 | Comparison of the I130 TWS, the I19 TWS, the i60 TWS, and the i500 TWS

A Review of the i30 TWS Airpods for 2021 | Comparison of the I130 TWS, the I19 TWS, the i60 TWS, and the i500 TWS

The Airpods are one of Apple's most popular and in­demand items, and they are available in a variety of colors. Apple's Airpods are a pair of wireless headphones that have taken the globe by storm since their release. However, even in this case

Despite the fact that many people want it, the reality is that it is not possible.

It's just too pricey.

Therefore, there are several Airpod substitutes available for you to choose from.

have inundated the market with their products. In reality, most people have been perplexed by this.

It is a difficult decision for them since they have no notion which one to choose. If you're in this situation,

If you're anything like me, you desire a nice balance of features and pricing. If it's too much,

When something is inexpensive, you know it won't be of high quality. If it's too much,

If Apple's AirPods are too pricey, you may as well stick using the iPhone.

Today, we'll take a look at one in the middle. The i30 TWS is a three-wheeled vehicle. TWS is an abbreviation for

for True Wireless Stereo audio transmission. This indicates that it is a Bluetooth device.

technology that allows you to pair the left and right channels of a stereo system

Bluetooth should be purchased separately.

Update: The i130 TWS is referred to by many different names.

For example, the i12 TWS, i14 TWS, and i20 TWS.

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This is the most up-to-date technology available in wireless earphone technology. And

This is the gist of what the i30 represents. This is what distinguishes the i30 TWS.

Airpods are the finest and most affordable Fake Airpod.

I30 TWS Earbuds are $15 TWS Fake Airpods that feature a wireless design.

Battery life of 5 hours, touch sensor control, and voice recognition

Initiation of the Google Assistant and the Siri virtual assistants The left and right hemispheres

Earbuds may be used independently of one another. It has the pop­up feature.

airpods initial interface, which can be seen in the original Airpods

Review of the i30 TWS Airpods

i30 TWS Specifications

i30 TWS is an abbreviation for i30 TWS.


I80 TWS Unboxing and Features with a Sneak Peek...

Battery life is around 5 hours.

Bluetooth version 5.0

Yes, there is a touch sensor.

Yes, it is a true replica.

A pop-up window with an actual battery is shown.



Yes, bianural use is permitted.

i30 TWS Design is a trademark of i30 TWS Design.

The package is comparable to Apple's design, which gives you a sense of familiarity.

a sense of how excellent of a duplicate it is likely to turn out. There are many on the inside.

a stunning pair of i30s that are quite comparable in appearance to the

Airpods. There's also the charging box, which has a nice click to it as well.

It seems to be quite solid while closed and much more so when opened.

Many of the lower-priced models feature poor-quality hinges and latches.

become carefree after a period of time

The only difference between the i20 and the Airpods is in terms of design.

The rounded corners of the box design are a characteristic of packaging.

The i30 is also equipped with these fantastic lighting wires, which are included as standard.

are the genuine stuff, they work flawlessly with the i30, and they look great.

seems to be an identical replica of the real thing

The i30 TWS is equipped with a 'Connect' button on the rear as well as a

When you open the charging box, you will see a notification light that informs you that the battery is charging.

You can tell if you have a charge or not.

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First Look at the i30 TWS

The first and most crucial point to discuss about the i30 is the fact that it is a convertible.

that it is equipped with a W1 chip What exactly is a W1 chip? In the case of

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the chip that controls the pop-up screen.

you can see through the Airpods Your i30 must be unlocked and opened.

You may connect it to your computer and it will immediately sync with your data.

This is a fairly interesting feature that you can have for a reasonable price.

a lower price

A total of 4 hours and 30 minutes may be played back, which is an hour shorter than the previous version.

compared to the Airpods, but 4 hours is still a respectable amount of time, and it's not bad for the price.

It was well worth the money.

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