In Xianyu, you can purchase second-hand goods made in China.

In Xianyu, you can purchase second-hand goods made in China.

Xianyu (Idle Fish) is an Alibaba group platform for the sale of used products, it is widely used in China and generates sales of approximately 170 million dollars per year. You can find products that have only been used for a few days at very affordable prices, the key is to search patiently as there is a sea of products and the app is in Mandarin, so you will need to use a translator on a regular basis.

To purchase in Xianyu, you must meet a number of requirements, all of which are straightforward; at first glance, this may appear complicated, but it is not, and even if this is your first time in the Chinese market, this guide will ensure that you are well informed. The official website is located at:, but clicking on this will always direct you to the Goofish App. In order to participate, you must first create a login. Learn how to do so here. Xianyu App can be downloaded here. Taobao App can be downloaded here (Recommended, not required) Alipay China App can be downloaded here (Recommended, not required) Employ the services of a purchasing agent in China (I use Wegobuy) Search for items using the Xianyu App. This barcode will direct you to the Xianyu App download page.

After you have created your account, you will log into the Taobao App using your username and password. Then you will open the Xianyu App and connect it to the Taobao App. To avoid getting tangled in the process, I have included images.

App by Xianyu

As soon as you enter the App with your registered user, you can begin searching for the item you require; once you have found it (and checked for price, size, and other specifications), you must obtain the product link in order to use the Wegobuy agent or your preferred agent for the remainder of the purchase process. See the Wegobuy buying guide for more information. Copy the link to the Xianyu App on your computer. Copy and paste it into Wegobuy. Instruct the representative to purchase the product. In the product, when you get to the top, you will see an arrow; tap on it and then click on the second option below, which is Copy. Then go to your preferred agent (China Buying Agent List) and paste that link into the text box. Then follow the on-screen instructions to have the agent purchase that product on your behalf. Complicated? I'll leave the pictures up to you.

Cssbuy can be used to make purchases at Xianyu.

Because the purchase in Xianyu is unique, you must clearly inform Cssbuy of what you intend to purchase, fill in the fields that ask you for expert buy, and make the payment of the product to proceed with your purchase. Once the product has been received by Cssbuy, you will be notified to proceed with the payment of the shipment to your country of destination.

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