SGshop Review: Is It a Reliable and Safe Singapore Taobao Agent to Do Business With?

SGShop Review, Is SGShop a legit shop

SGshop Review: Is It a Reliable and Safe Singapore Taobao Agent to Do Business With?

They have been the "most reliable and cost-effective Taobao agent" since 2011 (their words, not mine) and are committed to providing reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness in addition to providing an outstanding level of customer service. As the name implies, SGshop caters to the needs of customers in Singapore and Malaysia. It is not equipped to act as an agent on behalf of other international buyers in the market.

In this review, we'll walk you through all of the major SGshop services and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this platform in general.

1.) Is their website easy to use and navigate through?
The homepage of SGshop serves as the starting point for exploration. In the first place, you'll see an alternate full-screen graphic about fairly uninteresting topics, such as an incentive program to earn SGD$30, economy airfreight options, economical sea shipment, the phrase SGshop "Easy Click," information on order self-collection points at Japan Home stores, and a past Mother's Day contest.

On the SGshop website, the Shopping Guide is the most user-friendly feature, consisting of an interactive powerpoint-like demonstration that is similar to what high-end shopping agents such as BuyChina provide.

2.) What Kind of Services Do They Provide?
SGshop offers two specific services: "Ship for Me" and "Buy for Me." Both of these services are available to customers.

"Ship for Me" does not provide any other services than the receipt and forwarding of goods in connection with a customer's direct order to China. There are no fees associated with this process at all. Yoybuy, another taobao agent, also offers a service that is similar.

"Buy for Me," on the other hand, provides comprehensive agency services, including communication with and purchase from third-party sellers on Taobao (or similar platforms), as well as consolidation and repackaging of goods for shipment, as well as representation of the customer to the vendor in the event of post-sale problems. All of these assistances are subject to a service fee ranging from 4 to 8 percent of the item's cost plus domestic shipping and handling

More information can be found at: [su note]All the Fees Involved in Using a Taobao Agent[/su note]

In addition to pre-shipment photography and thorough inspection, a vacuum-pack service is available for an additional fee to help reduce the volume of bulky soft items such as pillows or stuffed toys shipped during transit.

You will receive SMS notifications when credit top-ups into your account are successful, when there is a problem with your order (specifications, shipping, etc.), when payment has been confirmed, when the order has arrived in Singapore, and so on and so forth.

3.) What types of payment methods do they accept?
Payment for SGshop is made through an online account environment that is similar to that of large western ecommerce sites, complete with a shopping cart, account access, and customer profile that is familiar to most people. iBanking, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay International, eNets and PayPal are all options for topping up account balances on mobile devices. The vast majority of these are subject to additional transaction fees in addition to the base rate.

Like most Chinese shopping agents, two separate payments are required: the first upon receipt of all goods at the SGshop warehouse, and the second upon dispatch of goods to Singapore, which covers the cost of international shipping charges.

4.) What is the shipping policy for international orders?
In addition to being extremely region-specific, the shipment methods that SGshop provides provide an insight into the major markets that SGshop serves:

Once on the site, however, a comprehensive selection of delivery options distinguishes SGshop as a standout in terms of value for money.
It is a great deal for Budget Delivery to send a 3kg parcel for the low price of SGD$3.90! Self-collection at a designated Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station, which is accompanied by an SMS notification when the service becomes available, is even more convenient. Alternatively, you can self-collect from one of the more than 20 Japan Home stores located throughout the city. The company's warehouse is open to customers who prefer to have a more personal relationship with the SGshop friends they've made online.

5.) What is the quality of their customer service?
In addition to offering extended business hours (Monday – Friday until 8:30pm, Saturday until 5pm), a customer service phone hotline and email address, and even an office/warehouse address in Singapore, along with public transportation information, the Customer Service team demonstrates a strong commitment to the provider-customer relationship. If you have any complaints or compliments, you can send them to the personal email address of a colleague at SGshop.

6.) What has been the feedback from other customers about SGshop?
Reviews from SGshop customers who have used the service in the past have been posted, indicating their satisfaction.
They are unanimous in their praise for the SGshop's staff service and ability to resolve issues quickly and to the complete satisfaction of customers. Here are a few examples of helpful reviews:

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