How to Make a Purchase from While Visiting From Another Country

How to purchase from 1688

How to Make a Purchase from While Visiting From Another Country

Let's face it: we're in a bind. Purchasing from (the Chinese version of Alibaba) as a foreigner is not straightforward. In contrast to Alibaba, you can find a plethora of tutorials and experience-sharing forums on the internet. There are, however, not many tutorials available for The only articles that are available are not clear enough and can even be misleading in some cases. As a result, I decided to share some useful information about Hopefully, my article will assist you in making your purchase a little more straightforward.

1688.Com is a website that provides information about 1688.Com

What Is 1688.Com and How Does It Work? and are both Chinese versions of the popular B2B and dropshipping websites and It is the largest wholesale B2B and dropshipping website in China.

On, you can find products, manufacturers, and a variety of service suppliers, and you can establish relationships with them in the same way that you can on This is the traditional method of importing products from China. With the growth of online store owners in recent years, has been able to improve the functionality of its online wholesale function. Many small and medium-sized online business owners are able to place orders directly with suppliers as a result of this. This procedure is virtually identical to the shopping experience you would have on Ali Express or

Just why should you purchase from 1688.Com?
Prices That Are Lower and More Transparent
I believe this is the primary reason why most people shop there.

Many of the suppliers on are factories or top wholesalers, which means that you can purchase products in bulk directly from Chinese factories at wholesale prices. It is possible to avoid using an export agent or trading company and to purchase goods at a lower cost in this manner. Furthermore, the product prices on are extremely transparent; the price of the product varies in accordance with your purchase volume The more you buy, the lower the price becomes. You can see an example of this in the following paragraph: When you purchase between 2 and 5 units, the price is 18.5 RMB per unit. When you purchase a total of 6-23 units, the price is reduced to 15.5 RMB per unit. When you increase your purchase volume to more than 24 units, the price is reduced to 14.5 RMB.

Increase your exposure to more products and high-quality suppliers.
The traditional method of locating Chinese suppliers is through websites such as or by attending trade shows in China. However, you will only be able to reach a portion of the suppliers through Alibaba and the trade show., on the other hand, is a curated collection of nearly all of China's manufacturers. Because many of the suppliers only sell to domestic buyers and export companies, you will only be able to find a limited number of products and suppliers there. On, you can find the Aliwangwang or WeChat accounts of your suppliers and communicate with them directly. Small sellers and new businesses will find this site to be extremely accommodating. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) set by suppliers on is extremely high; in order to get started, you may need to wholesale hundreds or thousands of products at a time. For a small seller, purchasing a large amount of inventory at once can be risky business. The purchasing threshold at, on the other hand, is significantly lower. Depending on the product, the minimum order quantity may be as low as 1 or 2 pieces. As a small seller, you can set up a store with ten or more product categories for only 100 or 200 dollars, depending on your budget. Furthermore, some suppliers provide dropshipping services, in which case you only need to provide the recipient information, and they will take care of shipping the product to your customers anywhere in the world. This method of starting a business is almost completely free.

Instructions on How to Make Money From 1688.Com

As previously stated, there are many vendors on who offer a very wide range of products and services, and these products and services can provide you with a significant amount of money-making opportunities. If you're looking to make money from but aren't sure where to begin, here are a few of the best and most realistic options to think about: 1688.Com is a wholesale website. At, you can purchase multiple orders at the same time and have them delivered to your forwarder's address. After that, you should instruct your freight forwarder to package everything into one or several packages and ship it to you. You can resell these products in your local store or on the internet once you have received them.

Purchase from and have it shipped to Amazon FBA. In fact, I know a lot of people who are currently doing this: they purchase products on, have their suppliers or freight forwarders label their products and boxes with the Amazon label, and then ship them directly to Amazon's fulfillment center. Please keep in mind that I am not referring to an American seller who ships goods to an Amazon warehouse in the United States, but rather an American seller who ships goods to an Amazon  warehouse anywhere in the world, including North America, Europe, Japan, and other parts of the world. You can ship your purchase from from China to an Amazon warehouse anywhere in the world for the lowest possible price using Amazon Prime.

3. Dropshipping With the Company 1688.Com
First and foremost, you'll need to find a supplier who is willing to support global dropshipping (there are many!). After that, you receive the order through your own online shop. Last but not least, you instruct your supplier to fulfill and ship your buyer's order.

4. Offer Your Fans a Custom-Made Product
In the event that you have a well-known blog or social media account, such as a YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Instagram account, and you have a large number of subscribers,

Then you can find a merchant on who will assist you in customizing some products and reselling them to your subscribers after they have been customized.

5. Become a 1688.Com representative.

Despite the fact that you are already familiar with, many people and businesses in your country are not aware of it. In other words, once you are familiar with the purchasing process at, you can start putting together a virtual trading enterprise. Establishing a website in your native language to assist people or small businesses in your country in purchasing items from is possible.

  • 2. Is it possible for me to purchase directly from as a foreigner?
  • Is it possible for me to purchase directly from as a foreign individual?
  • The answer is yes, but only if you have a bank account in the People's Republic of China.

You can easily create a account, browse the site for products, and add them to your shopping cart. However, the most difficult step is the final one – making the payment to the supplier.

This is the payment page for ordering on (it's actually a redirect to the Alipay page), and I've switched to the international version of the site.

You can only pay with your Alipay balance or your mainland China bank card if you are a foreigner, according to the terms and conditions. In order to use the Alipay balance feature, you must first verify your Alipay account with a bank card issued by a bank in mainland China. As a result, a bank card from the People's Republic of China is the solution to the problem. However, in order to open a bank account in China, you must travel there in person; you cannot do so via the internet or at a Chinese bank branch in your home country. This represents a significant obstacle for the majority of people. Is it possible for me to purchase directly from as a foreign corporation? The answer is also affirmative. In the screenshot below, you can see the checkout page for 1688; to the left of the Alipay option(), there is another payment option, which is called cross-border pay().

Steps for utilizing1688cross-border payment3

This is a new payment solution introduced by 1688 and Alipay for the benefit of some foreign businesses.. This payment solution will be discussed in greater detail in Part 7 of this article. Three models are available for purchase from through an agent. You are now aware that it is extremely difficult for the majority of people to purchase and pay directly at, as opposed to I suppose this is why the majority of foreigners do not make purchases on this website. Do you have a sense of frustration? Do you want to give up? Please, please, please don't do it! Why? As a result, I am confident that there are a large number of people who have overcome these challenges and are currently earning a substantial amount of money through the use of And you have the ability to do so as well. Allow me to share with you some of the strategies that people are employing today in order to purchase from

1688.Com is the supplier's direct contact information. Following the creation of your account, you will be able to log into your aliwangwang account and communicate with the supplier in real time. Alternatively, you can find the supplier's mobile number or WeChat ID on the product page and communicate with the supplier via WeChat or other messaging services. The rest is the same as when you make a purchase on Alibaba, including discussions with suppliers about product details, samples, order quantities, discounts, payment methods, and so on. Pros You can avoid dealing with a middleman and speak directly with a manufacturer. The vast majority of sellers on are only selling to people in their own country. The price they offer you is usually lower than the price you would find on Alibaba. Cons Many suppliers do not speak English, so please be patient and try to communicate in plain English whenever possible. Many of the suppliers do not have PayPal accounts, and their bank cards only accept RMB, so you will need to pay with your credit card. You'll need to find a payment method that they're comfortable with.

2. Purchase From 1688.Com Using a Shopping Proxy Webpage

It is possible to purchase from popular Chinese online stores such as Taobao,, and through the use of a China buying agent website. There are numerous such websites. Simply submit the product link on their website, and they will take care of the rest. They will then assist you in placing an order with the supplier for the product. Upon receipt of all of your orders at their warehouse, they will consolidate and repack them for you before shipping them to you via a variety of shipping methods. Pros There are several advantages to shopping on these websites, including the fact that the procedure is simple and straightforward, the shopping experience is excellent, and the entire process is identical to that of shopping on aliexpress. Furthermore, they accept payments via PayPal or credit card as well. Cons In most cases, the services provided by these websites are extremely limited. They will not assist you in the procurement of products or suppliers. They will also not assist you in determining the quantity and quality of your orders. At, you are responsible for locating your desired products and suppliers on your own. Considering that their shipping method is only appropriate for small orders, Air cargo, railroad, LCL, and sea freight are not available for large orders, and they do not offer any other shipping options.

1688.Com is a Sourcing and Purchasing Agent that specializes

If you search for sourcing or purchasing agent on Google or, you will find a large number of results. They provide a more professional and comprehensive service; in most cases, you only need to provide your requirements or product images, and they will assist you with the rest of the procedure.


They typically provide more services, such as sourcing products and manufacturers, providing samples, customizing products, handling customs clearance, and providing more transportation options, among other things. Given the one-on-one nature of their service, you can expect to receive prompt and personalized attention. They are fluent in a number of foreign languages, and you will be able to communicate with them in your native language.


They prefer large customers and large orders, and if your order is too small, they will charge you a high commission or they may not respond positively to your order at all. They will profit from commissions or discounts that are not disclosed. Typically, they will negotiate with the supplier and will not inform you if there is a discount available. They all advertise on their websites that they can meet all of your requirements in order to secure your business. Of course, we are well aware that this is impossible.

3. Sign up for a 1688.Com account

In another article, I go into greater detail about why you should create a account, as well as the steps you should take to do so. I believe that this article will answer all of your questions regarding your account.

4. Locate the Product on 1688.Com's website.

Once you've created your account, you'll be in the midst of the purchasing process – searching for the product you've been searching for.  Create product images and keywords in advance. Searching for Images Because image search is the most efficient method of finding your product on, you should have several product images ready. Searching for Keywords When looking for a specific product with pictures, it can be difficult to locate the appropriate product; therefore, you must prepare 3 to 5 keywords for the product and translate them into Chinese. You can use the keywords to find the product on Taobao, Amazon, or Aliexpress and then take a screenshot of the product, which is a simple trick. Then go to and search using the screenshots below. Fill in the blanks with keywords or upload images All that remains is for you to type the keywords you prepared into the search bar (Label.1) or to click on the camera icon (Label.2) to upload the image. 1688homepagsearchbar If everything goes according to plan, you'll see a lot of products that look like this: searchresults

5. On 1688.Com, you can find high-quality suppliers.
Next, we must choose one of the many similar product suppliers from which to choose one that is suitable for you. Fortunately, provides a number of search filtering options to help you narrow down your selection. I've highlighted each of these options, and then I'll go over what each one means in more detail. searchfilter

Label 1 is the first of two labels.

This means that the seller will be able to ship your order within 48 hours of receiving it. This is a critical option because not every supplier has the item in stock, and some suppliers frequently begin production after receiving your order, making this a critical choice. Label No. 2 If you choose this option, the seller will cover the cost of domestic return shipping if you are dissatisfied with the goods you have received and wish to return them. If you or your agent can perform quality control on the product while it is in your China warehouse, then you will be able to purchase the product without incurring any risks during the purchase process.= Label No. 3 Replacement service within 7 days of signing for the goods: The seller guarantees that defective goods will be replaced within 7 days of the buyer signing for the goods. If the seller fails to fulfill the aforementioned commitment, the buyer has the right to file a claim for rights protection and compensation within the time frame specified. Label No. 4 Similarly to Alibaba's Gold Membership, only a limited number of high-quality manufacturers and distributors can be chosen; typically, this indicates that the product is of high quality and can be delivered on time. Label No. 5 This option indicates that the supplier will be able to provide additional customization services based on the specific product. For example, if you want to change the design of the product or add some materials or your own logo to it, you can do so with a modification request. Label No. 6 This is done in order to assist you in customizing your selection based on your previous browsing and shopping habits. Label number seven. In order to filter the prices, you can enter a price range, for example, 10-20 dollars per pound. Label number eight. This is used to filter orders based on their minimum order quantity (MOQ).

Label No. 9

This is used to narrow down the supplier's geographical location. You can inquire about the location of your logistics provider and then select the same province as your logistics provider from this list of options. When choosing a location, consider whether your logistics provider is located in Shenzhen or Guangzhou. If so, Guangdong Province() is a good choice. This will save you money on shipping costs as well as time when shipping within the United States. Label number ten To filter the shipping time, you can choose from one of the three options:

  • The very next day
  • Tomorrow is a new day.
  • Within three business days
  • Label No. 11
  • Business types of suppliers can be filtered using this field, of which there are four types:
  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesale/distribution
  • Agent
  • Business services are provided by a company.

Label 12 is a number that represents twelve.

This option gives you the option of selecting a supplier who has undergone a thorough inspection. "In-depth inspection" is a service that offers to its supplier members in order to certify the comprehensive capabilities of their company's operations. It is audited by a certification company with an international reputation, and it produces a credible certification report as a result. If you are looking for a factory, there are several options available. Inspectors from the Manufacturer conduct a thorough inspection. If you want to work with a trading company, there are several options available. Inspection of the wholesale/distribution chain in depth(*) Label 13 is a number that represents thirteen. If you see this logo, it usually indicates that the product comes from a large manufacturer who has undergone a thorough manufacturer inspection.

Label number 14 is a number that represents the fourteenth day of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month of the fourteenth month

The sales of this product during the most recent month are displayed here. The popularity of this product can be determined by looking at the data. Label No. 15 This symbol indicates that a supplier has been a paid seller for a period of two years. Generally speaking, the longer a supplier has been a paid supplier, the more stable and dependable the supplier has become.

6. Obtaining Information From the Seller

You can place an order for the majority of the products on without leaving the site. When it comes to some products, the seller may impose additional requirements or require you to communicate with the seller before proceeding with the purchase.As a result, communicating with the suppliers on is an extremely important step in the purchasing process there. If you buy through an agent, they can take care of this for you, but they may mislead you about the price and other details. For this reason, if you want to do business on for a long period of time and establish your own supply chain, you must learn how to communicate with them using some of the tools that Chinese suppliers frequently employ. This is an absolutely necessary skill! How Should You Communicate With Your Suppliers?

1. Make a deal with the manufacturer.

Although the seller has indicated the tiered price on the page, this does not necessarily imply that this is the final price in the transaction. If your order volume is not excessive, you may be able to negotiate a discount with your supplier. In addition, you can request that the seller reduce or exempt domestic shipping costs, which will allow you to save some money on your purchase.

2. Confirm product specifications, delivery time, and so on.

Typically, the images on the product page have been altered, and you can request more authentic product images by contacting the company. In addition, many products are out of stock in the seller's warehouse, making it difficult to fulfill orders. If your order is time sensitive, it is critical that you confirm the delivery date with your supplier as soon as possible.

3. Product Certifications Should Be Inquired About

Many suppliers on Alibaba will list the certifications that their products have received, such as CE, FDA, and RoHS certifications. Many sellers on, on the other hand, will not specify these. If these certificates are required for your imported products, you must notify the seller in advance of your purchase. 1688.Com Suppliers Can Be Contacted Using the Following Two Tools:

1. Aliwangwang () is a Chinese name for a person who lives in the mountains.

Aliwangwang is the official chat tool on taobao and, and it is also available on other social media platforms. Here is the link to the download page. It should be noted that Trademanager is the international version of AliWangWang, and that it cannot be used on Taobao or, but can only be used on and aliexpress. Simply clicking on the blue icon will bring up a chat interface, which you can use to communicate.

2. WeChat

Wechat is a messaging app that is similar to WhatsApp, and almost everyone in China has a WeChat account, according to the company.A great deal of attention is paid by suppliers on to WeChat marketing, and they will frequently push you to use WeChat in order to take advantage of new promotions or to purchase new products. It is recommended that you add the supplier to your WeChat friends list if you wish to establish a long-term business relationship with them. The WeChat ID of a supplier is typically the same as the supplier's cell phone number. The phone number for the company can be found in the upper right or lower left corner of the product page.

7. Making a Payment and Placing an Order

The payment process is straightforward if you are purchasing from through a third party agent. Typically, they provide a convenient method of payment, such as a credit card or PayPal. However, if you can't stand their high exchange rate and commission, or if you want to cut out the middleman and establish a direct relationship with the supplier, there are other options. You'll need to be familiar with a few other payment options. does not accept payments via PayPal, bitcoin, or international credit cards. Additionally, their bank accounts do not accept payments in United States dollars. You can pay them using a variety of methods, some of which I am familiar with, including:

1. Alipay
Paying with Alipay is the quickest and most convenient method, but it is also the most...

As previously stated, in order to make Alipay payments to suppliers, you must have a Chinese bank card in order to verify your Alipay account.

The Chinese bank account, on the other hand, does not allow for online or remote account opening; instead, you must visit a Chinese bank branch in person in order to open an account.

If you frequently travel to China or attend trade shows, you may want to consider getting a Chinese bank card.

2. A Business Account with 1688 Cross-Border Payments on Alipay
A payment solution provided by 1688 and alipay for businesses registered in certain foreign countries and regions, known as 1688 cross-border Pay (Kuajingbao/KJB).

By using this solution, foreign companies can pay their suppliers directly on 1688 using their own alipay and 1688 accounts.

The fact that this is the official solution provided by 1688 and Alipay ensures that the security of your account is completely unaffected. You will no longer have to be concerned about your 1688 or Alipay account being frozen or restricted anymore.

The fees they charge are extremely low, significantly lower than the cost of making your purchase through a 1688 agent, and their exchange rate is more competitive than the bank's live exchange rate, which is yet another advantage.

If your company is interested in learning more about this solution, you can do so by visiting the following links: here and here.

3. Features such as Alipay's "Pay For You" service

A feature called "Pay for you" is available on Alipay, and it allows you to invite your friends to make payments on your behalf.

In the event that you have Chinese friends, you can ask them to pay for you.

4. Depositing Money into a Bank Account Through an Online Transfer
Almost all suppliers accept bank transfers, but they can only accept RMB as a payment method.

The use of services such as Transferwise or Paysend allows you to send RMB directly to the supplier's private bank account.

5. Westunion
Western Union is a straightforward method of sending money; you only need to know the name and address of the person who will be receiving the payment. This method is more suitable for small payments.

6. People from China are living in your country.

Nowadays, a large number of Chinese citizens travel abroad to study or conduct business.

You can establish a relationship with them and ask them to make payments on your behalf; you will only need to pay them in the local currency after that.

8. Shipping within the United States
The seller can usually ship your order within 24 hours of receiving payment for it, if you place an order during business hours.

Because the majority of suppliers' working hours are Monday through Saturday, they will be able to ship on Saturday as well.

It will take 1-3 days for your order to arrive in China if you order from one of these suppliers. Your order will be shipped by express or courier.

They usually provide you with a tracking number after they ship, which you can use to track your package on the order page or by asking your sales representative for the tracking number.

It is common for suppliers to charge a relatively high shipping fee, which is displayed on the product page.

In general, the express price for intra-provincial transport is approximately 1 RMB per kilogram of weight.

In addition, the cost of inter-provincial transportation is approximately 2-3 RMB per kilogram.

If the shipping fee charged by the supplier is excessive, you can either directly or through your agent request that the supplier reduce the shipping fee.

And the majority of them are more than willing to assist you.

9. Warehouse
Typically, the goods will arrive at your China warehouse in 2-4 days after they have been shipped by the seller.

Control of the product's quality
Product quality inspection is best completed at this stage; if a problem is discovered with the product, you can contact the seller to return or exchange it, if applicable. a.

If you don't discover the problem until after you receive the product, it will be extremely inconvenient, and the cost of returning it to China will be prohibitively expensive.

You can enlist the assistance of your freight forwarder or agent to assist you in performing some basic quality control procedures, such as photographing product details and packaging, checking the quantity, and so on.

Labeling of the Product
I'm aware that some importers require the addition of additional tags, such as Amazon tags or your product logo, among other things.

You should check with your forwarder ahead of time to see if they provide similar services; however, not every forwarder is willing to provide these types of services.

Packages are being consolidated.
Sending items from different suppliers to the same address and combining them into a single package can save you money on shipping costs if you buy them all at the same time.

10.Shipping to other countries

I believe that if you want to make a lot of money from importing from China, you must be able to exert complete control over the logistics from China to your destination country.

This is extremely important!!

Logistics will have an impact on your total cost, customs clearance, inventory control, and other aspects of your business.

If you are unable to maintain control over the logistics, your import business will never become successful.

When I say "absolute control," I'm referring to the following aspects of the situation:

  • 1. You should be familiar with at least 4-5 popular shipping methods from China to your country.
  • 2. This means that you must be able to select the most appropriate one for your goods.
  • 3. You must have at least two or three freight forwarders who are capable of providing these shipping methods while also offering you competitive prices and reliable services.
  • I introduced some knowledge about international logistics that you should be familiar with in this article, and I strongly advise you to read it.

11. Customs and Excise
The majority of the time, your freight forwarder or agent will help you with customs clearance.

A series of documents, including the export declaration of the country of origin (China) and the import declaration of the country of destination, will be prepared for you by the service provider.

All that is required of you or your supplier is the preparation of the necessary invoices, packing lists, and other product information required for an export declaration.

When submitting an import declaration for certain products, it may also be necessary to include relevant test reports from the destination country's market.

For example, electronic products sold on the European Union's market are required to have the CE certification.

The MSDS battery safety test report, among other things, will be required for rechargeable products.

12. Final Remarks
Despite the fact that this post is now complete, I believe that there are still a number of topics that have not been adequately covered.

I intend to write more articles about in order to assist those who are interested in importing from the site. By clicking on the subscribe button below, you will be added to my mailing list and will be among the first to know when new content is published.

And if you have any questions or concerns about this article or about, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to read and respond to my messages.

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