What is Yoybuy and how do you buy and sell on Yoybuy

How to buy and sell on yoybuy

What is Yoybuy and how do you buy and sell on Yoybuy

Yoybuy is a Chinese online shopping agency that operates in the United States. It all started in 2008 with the vision of making shopping in China accessible to people all around the globe. Yoybuy will make available to you the Buy For Me (Buy me), Ship For Me (Send me), and Drop Ship options, all of which are free. Making purchases extremely rapidly, having a virtual vault in China to save money, and dropshipping are all possibilities. They do not have a mobile application.

Why should you pick Yoybuy?

  • Online retailers like as Taobao and Tmall, among others, are great places to shop.
    It has insurance coverage that will protect your cargo.
  • They accept a variety of payment options, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, WebMoney, QiWi, WesternUnion, and bank transfer, among others.
  • You may hold your purchase for up to 90 days without incurring any further charges.
  • They double-check your product to ensure that everything is in working order. (This service is provided at no cost.)
  • Putting your products back in their original packaging
  • The customer support department is available in both English and Russian.
  • You accumulate points as you go through the levels, resulting in substantial savings. (VIP Club et al.)

How to make a purchase on Yoybuy

  • Become a member of Yoybuy.
  • Purchase what you want.
  • Wait for the delivery of the purchase to the Warehouse location.
  • Inquire about delivery to your location (Check shipping costs, using calculator)
  • Everything is ready; all that is left is to wait for the purchase to arrive at its destination.

Products that are restricted from being sold

  • Tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes
  • Item that is a counterfeit or a replica: Any item that tries to seem like a branded product should be deemed a counterfeit or a replica.
  • Medical goods are those that are used to treat people.
  • Any product that has the potential to be harmful to animals.
  • Teams of military personnel
  • Electronic devices that are illegal to possess, such as alteration chips and blockers, among other things.
  • Items such as sanitary products and cosmetics that need authorisation
  • Is Yoybuy, a buying agency or middleman, able to ship to my location?
  • Shipping to worldwide locations and practically all of Latin America is made possible via the use of postal services and private courier firms (such as UPS, DHL, EMS, China Post, and others) (United States).

Shopping unboxing in the People's Republic of China

Years of shopping in the Chinese market on sites such as Aliexpress, Banggood, Gearbest, and Lightinthebox among others led me to the decision to expand my horizons and purchase on Taobao, which I documented in these movies. I hope you like them!

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