Top 5 Taobao Shopping Agents

This article will be dealing with the topic of which Taobao shopping agent you should buy and why they are good for you.

Top 5 Taobao Shopping Agents

Taobao is a rather unique site that may intrigue those who are looking to get replica products of famous brands for half the price for which they normally are available for.

As Taobao is a site situated in China that does not deliver overseas normally, it is a given fact that one might be inconvenienced by this if they are looking to get products at cheap prices without hassle.

This article will be dealing with the top 5 Taobao shopping agents which you may choose to buy from your products from on Taobao without facing issues.

What is a shopping agent?

A shopping agent is essentially a mediator between sites, in essence, if one is unable to get an order delivered to their doorsteps, they may get that order delivered to a shopping agent’s warehouse and then have the order delivered to them in pristine condition.

In simple terms, shopping agents usually help with delivering products to foreign countries from China as long as the shopping agent in question is a reputable one.

Shopping agents can also be instructed to follow certain instruction according to the buyer such as:

  • Packaging of the products
  • Rehearsal packaging (value added tax and cheaper prices). Helps to ensure a lower risk of seizure and more reasonable prices
  • Removing branded tags/turning clothes inside out or removing logos from shoes etc..

Any products that are otherwise impossible to get in your country can be bought through sites such as Taobao using a shopping agent in a relatively simple way.

Top 5 Taobao Shopping Agents

If you are looking to shop from Taobao using a reputable shopping agent, then this list might just be helpful for you:

  1. Superbuy

Superbuy is probably the first shopping agent anyone should try before trying out other shopping agents.

Superbuy has a rather compact design and is easy to use even for first timers, they also offer various payment options for those who like paying from different payment methods instead of causing further complications.

Some benefits of Superbuy:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Professional quality inspection services
  • Bilingual customer service along with translation of the Mandarin (Chinese language) into English

Although, as with all services, there will be slight cons:

  • Prices may be slightly higher, especially since the items arrive from a long destination
  • The purchase gateway may confuse first timers
  • Product won’t be delivered straight, have to proceed after the product gets delivered to a warehouse

In general, a product that you have purchased will be delivery to a nearby warehouse, from which you can proceed further by checking and following the instructions as detailed on the site.

The shipping prices of Superbuy will vary based on the country you are ordering your products from, the more kg you add after 1 kg, the more your shipping rates will decrease.

In general, the prices for the first kg are as follows if you are using EMS:

  • $24 for USA
  • $27 for Canada
  • $26 for UK

Basically, prices will vary based on the country you are in and what sort of delivery agent you have picked up for getting your order shipped by Superbuy

  1. Parcel Up (Taobao FOCUS)

Parcel Up is another shopping agent service that one can also try as it offers several benefits that may even outshine other shopping agents in the long run such as:

  • Products can be bought from Taobao at a discount along with low international shipping fees
  • Offers English translation
  • Quality inspection checks for product faults
  • Dropshipping services

In general terms, the ordering process of Parcel Up can be relatively easy for those who are using the service for the first time along with an option to choose from well-known courier services such as DHL, Airmail and EMS etc…

The shipping rates of Parcel Up can vary based on the weight of the products you are getting your order shipped on:

For the first 500gm using EMS:

  • 28.04$ for USA
  • 33.42 for Ukraine
  • 29.99 for India

For DHL, the actual amount will be based on the dimension weight (volume) when it is more than the actual product's weight.

If you are looking to save money, then Parcel Up will be a prudent choice

  1. Sugargoo

While not as well-known as other shopping agents, Sugargoo provides some of the best shopping agent services along with huge discounts for new users along with the following:

  • Simple to use interface
  • The ordering process is quick
  • Professional customer service.
  • Cheap prices

The shipping rates for this shopping agent mainly depends on the package you are ordering, although the shipping rates are considerably much higher than other shopping agents as of the moment.

In general, terms, while it may be a turn-off for those looking for extremely popular shopping agents, Sugargoo can still serve as one of the primary shopping agents for providing a quick and easy process of getting your products delivered from Taobao.

  1. Yoybuy

Established in 2008, Yoybuy can be a good choice if you are looking to store your items, especially if you are out on a business trip or there is some family issue that is causing problems. In such a case, Yoybuy offers at least 90 days of absolutely free storage for any products along with:

  • Categorized products
  • Cost-effective prices
  • Fast delivery service

The shipping rates for Yoybuy can be calculated at their official site for any sort of weight you are wanting to get shipped from the shopping agent.

Yoybuy should be used if you are looking for a site to browse products and buy them quickly from Taobao.

  1. Wegobuy

Wegobuy is a relatively new shopping agent that can be good for those who are looking for an easy to use shopping agent service, some of the following benefits to using this are:

  1. Reasonable prices
  2. Various payment options to choose from
  3. Free quality checks and photos

Wegobuy is another shopping agent which you can use to buy and get your products delivered safely at your doorsteps as long as your products do not violate the rules of the service.

The shipping rates for Wegobuy can be calculated through the shipping calculator on Wegobuy just before getting your product shipped

With this, while buying from shopping agents may seem complicated, it will ultimately be beneficial as Taobao offers products that are otherwise rare and unheard of.

How are shopping agents good for me?

Shopping agents helps one with buying products at a reasonable price along with getting them shipped from places where it is otherwise impossible to get products shipped from by normal methods. The only thing that one has to make sure is that to try and make sure the order doesn't go further beyond 5-6 kg as there will be higher chances of getting the haul seized by customs authority in the middle of the delivery.


If you are looking to buy a product using a shopping agent, then buying using a shopping agent from this list should be your first priority as these are some of the most well-known shopping agents!






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