In English, the top six sites that are similar to Taobao.

Top 6 Similar Sites to TaoBao

In English, the top six sites that are similar to Taobao.

For the vast majority of non-Asian shoppers, online Chinese retail websites are a source of consternation and dissatisfaction when it comes to shopping. You can't help but drool over that stunningly clear photo of the adorable floral dress, can't you?

However, those incomprehensible Chinese characters can send you back to the comforting familiarity of Amazon.

When you use Google Translate, you'll find a more inviting site, but the erroneous translations, particularly in the terms and conditions, may cause you to give up on Chinese shopping altogether!

In the good news department, there are a slew of visionary Chinese businesses that have launched shopping websites in English.

The following are some of our favorites:

Light in the Box from AliExpress
DealeXtreme Mini comes packaged in a box.
Price of Banggood Focals
Due to the fact that each site is unique and offers a unique specialty, it is worthwhile to visit each one individually.

1. AliExpress is a Chinese e-commerce site

AliExpress ( is a warehouse store that sells goods in bulk. Its customers are primarily suppliers and importers who are looking to purchase large quantities of Chinese goods to resell under their own retail banners in the United States and Europe. AliExpress is nothing more than a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers with one another. You could find everything you need on AliExpress, whether you're starting your own small import business or purchasing party favors for a large group of people. It has a searchable database that is simple to use.

AliExpress also provides first-rate payment processing and logistics services. So, if you're not bothered by minimum order quantities, you should definitely check it out. As AliExpress expands its activities to include sales to everyday retail addicts like us, minimums may even become less stringent in the future.

2. The Box Has a Light in It

LightintheBox Anybody's fashion, gadget, and lifestyle product addiction can be satisfied by visiting Light in the Box ( It has a huge selection of eye-catching finds in its catalog, which contains more than half a million high-quality items. A beautiful display of wedding gowns, attendants' fashion, shoes, hairpieces, and all the other trappings you desire for that special day will delight any bride-to-be!

For all of you bargain-hunters out there, you'll be pleased to know that there are a plethora of coupons available that will reduce Light in the Box's already low prices to even lower levels.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating Light in the Box's dedication to quality, selection, timely delivery, and impeccable customer service, among other things.

DealeXtreme ( is a fantastic wonderland of electronic gadgets and accessories for the home and office. Guys and girls who are technologically savvy can browse and purchase to their hearts' content. You can even socialize in the DealeXtreme forum, which is very active. The importance of community is emphasized here, particularly in the club that discusses the best in entertainment, automotive, and hardware-store deals and discounts, among other topics. DealeXtreme, on the other hand, is not just about electronics. Looking for a stylish purse to go with those turquoise wireless headphones? Look no further. Make sure to browse DealeXtreme's catalog of the latest styles in men's, women's and children's fashion while you're there. The fact that this company offers free shipping to anywhere in the world will appeal to frugal shoppers.

4. Miniature in a Box

With a focus on electronic accessories, jewelry, and watches, Mini in the Box ( is a close relative of Light in the Box, with a similar focus on electronic accessories, jewelry, and watches. It has a massive selection of all the accessories you'll ever need for Apple products, including over 42,000 iPhone cases, iWatchbands, iPad stylus pens, chargers, and a whole lot more. Samsung receives its due as well, with a selection of 29,000 accessories to choose from.

Watches, gems, and precious metal fashion accessories are all beautifully photographed and will appeal to anyone who enjoys everything that glitters. If you are one of those people, this book is for you. And it's hard to argue with the opinions of more than 4 million Mini in the Box Facebook fans!

5. Banggood banggood-espana (banggood banggood)

In order to provide the "Best Bang for Your Buck," Banggood ( is looking for shoppers who are price-conscious, as its motto implies: "Best Bang for Your Buck." A plethora of deep discounts, special offers, and coupons are available on this shopping website, which specializes in electronics, hobbies, and (both adult and children's) toys. Two mini-sites of the main English-language portal cater exclusively to customers in the United States and Europe, and they operate in their respective currencies.

Banggood is a relatively small online shopping site with just over 100,000 products in its international English store. If you're looking for rock-bottom prices but aren't too concerned with having only big-name designer names in your shopping cart, Banggood is the place to go. Founded in 2008, Banggood is a Chinese online shopping site with a global English store.

6. The price of the focal point
On its jam-packed homepage, Focal Price ( promotes electronic gadgets, small appliances, car accessories, cameras, computers, jewelry, and sports equipment. Put on your specs and get to work! A homepage tab displays products that have been added to the store within the last 15 days, making it easier to stay on top of the latest trends. Focal Price has a smaller product selection than some of its competitors, with a catalogue of approximately 50,000 items. However, the company's extremely low prices more than compensate for this.

It is possible that you will want to weigh potential savings against customer service considerations: customer reviews of Focal Price have repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with delivery logistics and sketchy customer service, among other things.

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