YoBuy Review - Is YouBuy a Reliable Site?

Is YouBuy Legit? How to Order from YouBuy

YoBuy Review - Is YouBuy a Reliable Site?

Is YoyBuy A Reliable And Trustworthy TaoBao Agent? 

This Yoybuy review will answer your question about whether Yoybuy can help you buy things from China simply and securely. Where have you been hiding if you haven't heard about Yoybuy? (I'm joking.) Let's go straight to the point....

How long has YouBuy been in business and how big is it?

YOYBUY was founded in Beijing in 2008, with just two employees at the time. Since then, the number of employees has grown to 200, with an average age of 25. I searched this website using a Chinese search engine and discovered that it is owned by Beijing You Bei Network Technology Co., Ltd. I also performed some online research and found no scam or fraud complaints about this organization. Even if some legitimate people have left bad feedback, that doesn't suggest the firm as a whole is a scam or a fraud, right?

Is It Simple To Use This Website?

YoyBuy is a sophisticated website with many bells and whistles that is based after American websites. YoyBuy appeals to a huge global audience with disposable cash by providing website versions in Chinese, English, Russian, and Spanish, as well as an online account structure and a familiar Shopping Cart experience.

What Kind of Service Do They Provide?

They provide two types of services: the traditional Taobao agent service and the forwarding service. I've previously detailed how to utilize a standard Taobao agent, which you can find here: A Taobao Agent's Order Process. Their forwarding service is excellent, and it enables you to have a free address in China. You may purchase products directly from Taobao. The things will be mailed to you once they arrive at your redirected address.

What Are Their Fees?

This article provided a comprehensive overview of the costs associated with utilizing a Taobao agent. This article also included a table with all of the agent's price information. Yoybuy is readily found there.

What Kinds Of Payment Methods Does Yoybuy Accept?

Yoybuy.com accepts the following payment methods: a credit card issued by Visa Mastercard is a popular credit card. QIWI Western Union is an international money transfer service. Money on the internet Transfer of data by wire Unfortunately, PayPal is not on their list, which may be inconvenient at times since it is more convenient and secure.

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