How do I know if a product is fake on TaoBao?

How to tell if a product is fake or legit on TaoBao

How do I know if a product is fake on TaoBao?

How Can I Avoid Buying Fake Taobao Products?

Taobao allows customers to buy a broad range of products. While they make every effort to only sell genuine, original things and avoid selling counterfeits, it is necessary to be aware of certain useful tools to guarantee you do not buy a fake.

Look at the seller's feedback.

Feedback is used to help prospective purchasers determine whether or not a vendor is trustworthy. It's a wonderful criterion to use when deciding whether or not to buy anything from a merchant. A decent rule of thumb is to stick with vendors that have received 100 percent positive feedback on at least 500 transactions.

Brands that aren't owned by a major corporation

Most purchasers believe that if a product is a fake, it will most likely fall into the category of high-priced name-brand things. Many counterfeiters, on the other hand, are focusing on second and third-tier brands. Even yet, if you want to buy an actual item on Taobao, it's preferable to seek for lesser-known names and avoid prominent ones.

Actual Photographs

If the picture isn't excellent, the goods is more likely to be genuine. If the photographs seem to be too flawless, it might be a sign that the item is too good to be true, since they were most likely taken from the brand's official website. If you're not sure, you might ask the vendor for a newer or more realistic image.

Make a comparison between the product and the official website.

Compare the picture provided by the vendor to the one on the official website for that product. Examine the product's details carefully to see whether it's genuine.

Do They Sell Anything Else?

If a merchant promotes that they offer both genuine and "h2ke-real" things, you should avoid them. It's crucial to look at their other possessions to see whether they're the genuine thing.

Maintain your composure

Before rushing into a purchase, use your best judgment to verify whether a vendor is genuinely selling things worth your hard-earned money.

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