Dior B23 Dupe on Dhgate

Dior B23 Dupe on Dhgate

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Description: Brand new, high-quality 1:1 replica of the original OG model. Actual images were captured. You can't go wrong with this product's high quality. I can assure you that we only stock the finest footwear. Dropshipping and wholesale orders are welcome. All shoes are packaged in boxes, dust bags, and cards.

All AboutDior B23 from Dhgate
Kim Jones went from Louis Vuitton to Dior in the blink of an eye, and he's continued to integrate street characteristics into the Dior brand after leaving Louis Vuitton. KAWS and Sora Sanji have been one by one because of their open interpersonal interactions and strength., Even in the footwear industry, it's a big hit.

Aside from the KAWS collaboration, the B23 Oblique's usage of translucent materials made it a huge hit. It's been difficult to get going. A new generation of A-list athletes has emerged in 2018 to play with a new level of intensity following the release of the "B23" shoe series. As a result, Dior has gained a large following in the fashion and trend circles during the past several years.

B23, Dior, by Dior

If you look at the 2020 Dior x Air Jordan 1 co-branding with Nike, you can see how the fashion and sports worlds have come together to create an entirely new trend concept.

Dior B23 high street trendy atmosphere is created by the full printing of the Dior Logo and translucent materials, as well as other brands and designer joint names. When it comes to the overall look, the sole's deconstructed design is a standout feature.

The Dior B23 is the model number.

Review of the Dior B23 bag
I purchased a pair of DHGate's Dior b23 dupes, which had already sold more than 3,000 pairs and had more than 400 reviews; the total score was still above 4.5, which is unusual.


I can't find anything to fault with the shoes' packing or construction. The shoes are really light, but they fit perfectly.. A shoe box, receipt, and dust bag are all included in the whole set of packaging. It's a delicate piece of artistry. The main drawback is that it takes roughly 20 days to travel there.

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This seller has also left some feedback, including this: "These are my greatest DHgate purchase yet! The packaging and accessories are delightful additions, and the shoes themselves are of the highest caliber. It's also quite comfortable! I'll be purchasing from this seller again in the future. Shipping was quick. "Many thanks! and "Wow, these shoes are amazing! Exactly like the actual thing, but at a fraction of the cost. Delivery to the United Kingdom took under two weeks. Size uk5 was too small, so I ordered a uk6 and it fits perfectly with just a little extra room. The seller is a real person! "Thank you"

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