6 Chinese fashion designers with global appeal at Shanghai Fashion Week

6 Chinese fashion designers with global appeal at Shanghai Fashion Week

At Shanghai Fashion Week, there is no shortage of creativity. Each year, the event attracts the best talent in the industry, from the most successful private label to up-and-coming fashion designers in China and around the world.  Shanghai Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2019, the latest 13-day event that ended on Tuesday, featured a variety of domestic and international  fashion designer  and private label brands. Check out 6 Chinese designers, including 2 working together as a duo.

Five of them were announced at Shanghai Fashion Week. Each has a unique background and story, and is appealing worldwide while  respecting  the roots of Asia. Caroline Fu, a Chinese fashion designer based in New York, has been spotlighted as a new star in the industry by winning the first Business of Fashion China Prize at Shanghai Fashion Week on March 29th.

She says she was "really surprised" at the victory. “Now I'm confident in building my brand,” she says. "I really need  financial support ...  Her latest fashion collection at Shanghai Fashion Week was inspired by the painting "Woman Reading" by French artist Henri Matisse. Each piece creates a breathtaking romance, and if you look closely, everyone will be impressed. Each dress is as impressive and intricately handmade as the haute couture piece. With just a few looks, she was able to combine more than 20 different fabrics,  from her rich velor, silk, chiffon and lace, to create exquisite textures reminiscent of  Impressionist paintings. rice field. Her design feels new and highly contradictory in today's fashion-dominated world of streetwear.

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