10 Chinese Shoe Brands You Must Know

10 Chinese Shoe Brands You Must Know

The footwear industry in China is going through a boom and flourishing in recent years. Chinese are becoming more and more fashionconscious and prefer Chinese shoe brands that match their different occasion and daily outfit. The quality also has been improved a lot regarding several criteria like durability, material, style, design, comfort level, etc. Of course, the price, which is always the biggest advantage of Chinese products, is keeping being affordable. 

 In fact, shoes designed by Chinese shoe brands can be looked fresh and felt comfortable, easily defining your personality and wearing taste. If you are interested or want to choose a  Chinese shoe brand, sports, formal wear, casual wear, and trendy. If you are interested in buying shoes from China, I think the best way is to buy them through  Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, JD, Taobao and Taobao. If you have problems accessing these platforms, we recommend using the Taobao agent to help you solve many problems. The Xtep has made great strides in recent years and has become a leading professional sports brand with an extensive sales network of over 6,300 stores covering 31 provinces in China, autonomous regions of China, local governments, and overseas. Is Xtep shoes good for?

 think Xtep continues to expand its position in China. They are currently a midrange brand focused on high quality, price and cost performance and are especially valuable in cities of the 3rd, 4th and 5th tier. The income level in India is also in this range so I`m sure Xtep still got great potential. I see lots of people ask if Jeremy Lin has a shoe deal with Xstep? The answer is yes. Jeremy Lin has had a global impact on basketball since we first heard of Linsanity in 2012. More than just a player for the NBA and the CBA, he is one of the few Asian Americans to play in the former. To solidify its heritage, Chinese sports retailer Xtep has released Xtep JLIN ONE, the athlete's first signature shoe.

Speaking of Chinese sneaker brands, you can't miss 361 degrees. We are a Chinese supplier of shoes and sporting goods mainly in China. As of March 2009, the brand had 5,543 authorized retailers in China. We do not own  these stores. These are owned and controlled by 3,031 Authorized Dealers. They have 7950 authorized retailers worldwide (as of 2020). 361 Degrees has worked hard to establish a solid position among American runners to expand the shoe product market. I think it was helped by the original Strata a few years ago, but now it's the fourth iteration.

 361 Degree shoes are good? I don't think it's bad. I remember users commenting that the 361 Degree Strata 2 is the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. According to some wearers, Strata2's stabilizing function is very effective in correcting pronational movements. One reviewer said the midsole has extraordinary flexibility. ERKE is a sportswear brand owned by the Chinese company Hongxing Erke Group. The brand specializes in shoes and sportswear and sponsors major sports icons within the Chinese Olympic team. Elke was also the official kit sponsor of the Korean DPR national football team. Erke was also the official apparel sponsor of the 2012 WTA Tour Championship, Shanghai ATP 1000 Tennis Tournament and  Qatar Open Table Tennis Tournament. The 
  Erke may not be as famous as the above brands  like Anta, 361 Degree, but it still has its own advantages, and Chinese customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will make this brand high in its quality and reasonable price. I'm evaluating it. Are the ERKE shoes good? It's not a competitor to Nike and Adidas, but it's an excellent shoe brand that offers great products at target prices. I've bought ERKE running sneakers, but they look good, are light, and have comfortable feet. I can't comment on durability, but overall I'm happy.

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