Are Amiri Jeans Worth it?

Amiri jeans have been the talk of fashion for awhile now and many consumers have been asking the question why are they so expensive to be more specific why do they cost over $1,000+

Are Amiri Jeans Worth it?

What Are Amiri Jeans

Amiri jeans are the most talked-about jeans in the fashion world. According to a number of celebrities, including Kendrick Lamar, Gunna and Lil Baby as well as Future and Odell Beckham Jr.

What's the point of paying more than $1,000 for a pair of jeans?

A Brief History

Amiri was founded by Mike Amiri, the company's creative director, and founder. To begin with, this brand was only a single department store when it was first established in 2014. This was Mike Amiri's first venture as a record label, which he founded in the basement of a restaurant in his hometown of LA. After Mike Amiri put his work on Instagram, a lot of people started noticing it. Mike's first Instagram caption read: "I'm just putting this together for fun. No salespeople, editors, or retailers come to mind. Basically, I just want to create something truly unique." After this, Mike was given a space of a Maxfield store in Los Angeles to promote his brand.

Amiri is now a multi-million dollar company and one of the world's most popular high-end streetwear brands. Artists and celebrities have shown a lot of support for the brand. Mike Amiri's hometown of Los Angeles is where the brand's distressed look and occasionally aggressive designs are made.


One of the primary reasons for the high cost is the brand's widespread recognition. The jeans' prices have skyrocketed in the last two years, going from much lower to much higher. Amiri's jeans now sell for over €2,000, despite the fact that they were originally only $600.

Clothing's high price tag is also due to the high level of handwork involved in its creation, as well as the materials used.

The Amiri jeans (and other Amiri products) are frequently much more expensive outside the United States if you are not from the United States. The reason for this is that retailers must pay import fees and taxes in order to import Amiri items.

Jeans can cost anywhere from $200 to$400 more or less depending on the brand and quality (depending on the conversion rate from the US Dollar to Euro).


Amiri jeans are expensive, so it's no surprise that many people can't afford them. Most people find the idea of paying €1,000 on a pair of pants ludicrous, but you can accomplish a lot more with that kind of money. Even if you can't buy them, I think these jeans are both stylish and comfy to wear. If you can't locate the jeans you want in the'sale,' try searching on

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