An in-depth look at buying from Taobao using a shopping agent

This article will be dealing with the exact steps to make sure your purchase on Taobao goes relatively well

An in-depth look at buying from Taobao using a shopping agent

If you are looking to get replica products for yourself from replica products sites such as Taobao, then it might be a confusing thing for you, especially if you are not a native of China.

In such a case, it is important to know how to buy from Taobao with a shopping agent as trying to buy them directly would be a difficult affair as Taobao normally does not deliver overseas without an agent.

Keep reading below to know in detail about how you can use a shopping agent to buy a product from Taobao

What are shopping agents?

Shopping agents are essentially mediators between a site and the buyer, in simple terms, they help get an order delivered overseas without costing a fortune. Shopping agents are mainly reserved for buying from countries where orders are not shipped to other countries such as China. In such a case, a shopping agent such as Superbuy will help get your order delivered to your doorsteps regardless of whether you are ordering from Taobao or other replica sites in China.

Buying from Taobao using an agent

Buying from Taobao with an agent can be a relatively complicated matter for a first-timer, especially since the entire site is in the Chinese language (Mandarin).

For the sake of this guide, we will be using the Superbuy shopping agent to shop on Taobao and get orders shipped easily.

Buying from Taobao with shopping agent such as Superbuy:

  1. Select your product from Taobao and copy the product’s link
  2. Go to the Superbuy shopping agent site and click on SHOPPING AGENT
  3. Paste your product’s URL which you copied or write the product name if you don’t have the link and click on the circle next to the name

  4. You will be redirected to a new link showing you all the information about the product you are buying, select the appropriate size and color if needed, once done, click on Buy now

  5. You will be redirected to the checkout link, once you are done with checking out the invoice, click on Submit

  6. You will be given different payment methods for the product, you may select from either using your PayPal or debit/credit card, whichever is preferable. Once you have selected, click on Pay now and do the required steps for payment completion

With this, you will have successfully bought your product. But, this is only the beginning. As buying from an agent essentially requires shipping your orders by yourself after it comes to a warehouse, you will need to follow the steps below to successfully get your order shipped to your country:

Shipping orders from Superbuy

Once your order has been delivered to a warehouse, you can do the following steps below:

  1. Go to the Superbuy website
  2. Click on the My Warehouse button located on very right of the site

  3. You will see your products here, Check your products to make sure that there is no fault as you will be given a few quality checks photo, you may even request some yourself with a bit of extra fees. Once you are done, click on submit

  4. On the next page, you will be given various shipping options and a price quote. Generally, you may either select DHL or any other delivery agent of your choice.
  5. Once selected, you will be given an option to write a declared tax amount, give the declared amount according to the weight of your product, else the product might be seized by the customs authority.

  6. Select any kind of service you may want to select for your package.
  7. Once you are ready, you will be given the option to Submit Delivery Order, click it.

  8. You will be redirected to a payment system, select the payment method of your choice and proceed.

With this, your order will be successfully delivered in about typically a month, just make sure to include a valid and reasonable declared amount, otherwise, your order will not be delivered to you as the order might be seized or you will be charged a hefty sum.

By doing the following, your purchase at Taobao should remain relatively hassle-free.

Is Superbuy costly?

Is Superbuy costly? While some orders on Superbuy may cost you a bit, the shipping agent itself has relatively reasonable shipping rates, if you live in USA, then shipping from EMS will take 5-10 days with shipping price being $24, for Brazil, it will cost a bit more, around $34. In this way, you will have to carefully look for the shipping rates of your country as the shipping prices will vary for all of them.

How can I make sure that my order is not seized during delivery?

Many times, an order from shopping agents such as Superbuy might get seized by the customs authority due to a variety of reasons, to avoid such a hassle, one may try doing the following workarounds to ensure that their hauls are not seized in the middle:

  • In the tax amount declaration section, try to follow the procedure of declaring $12/kilo, but this will vary for different currencies if you are living in other countries, if you are not living in the USA, you may try declaring your tax amount to be lower than amount of the actual product itself, this can be useful if your haul is less than or just 3 kg or even 4, but if it is 5+ kg, you may end up getting your haul seized during delivery.
  • Try to keep your haul's weight relatively small in size, as in you may either try splitting your haul or simply order in a sequential way rather than ordering everything in one go.
  • Give out instructions to your shipping agent to remove brand tags, remove any boxes if you are ordering shoes, turn any clothes with branded logo inside out and make it so that the commercial tag is shown outside the package, you may do this while in the middle of getting your order shipped from a warehouse.

By doing some of these, your order will have lesser chances of getting your order seized by customs during the delivery process.

Always remember, the key point in making sure that your items are not seized is to make sure that your total package weight is less than 5 kg and not more. With that, you should be able to get your order safely delivered to you, regardless of whether you are in Canada or in UK.



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