The Truth about UA Sneakers ( Why They don't exist)

Unauthorized authentic shoes are obviously not real so in this article we will be discussing the dark truth behind UA sneakers

The Truth about UA Sneakers ( Why They don't exist)

Introduction to Ua Sneakers

Until recently, the phrase "Unauthorized Authentic" was often used by Malaysian fake shoe sellers on the internet in an attempt to market their counterfeit products to newcomers to the sneaker scene, which was only beginning to take off in Malaysia at the time. In response to the rebirth of enthusiasm for Jordans and the rise in popularity of Adidas Boost, the scene began to witness an infusion of attention. The shoe culture was thriving at the time. Because of this, there will be a lot of people who don't know anything about shoes, much alone something like "Unauthorized Authentic," which is the focus of our conversation.

The phrase "Ini kasut Unauthorised Authentic bro" was often used by the sellers of counterfeit goods in 2015 when customers reported being duped into purchasing a pair of phony sneakers.

Visit this page to refresh your memory if you're new to the sneaker scene and don't know what the word "sneaker" means, or if you've heard of the phrase previously but aren't sure what it means.

This is still the case in 2019, four years after the phrase was first used by fake-shoe vendors to advertise their wares. Except for one point, the phony sneaker dealers (particularly University of Kicks) are exploiting OUR ARTICLE TO HELP THEM SELL! Nothing else has changed. Yes, that's correct. Just as in 2015, they've taken the few lines that we produced and used them to bolster the big "Unauthorized Authentication" hoax. I'm creating this revised essay to try to make things clearer for the community.

Reasons Why UA Sneakers Don't exist

1. Until recently, prominent shoe businesses did not have their own manufacturing facilities and instead relied on manufacturers in other countries to manufacture the shoes. At the time, such was the scenario. Most big shoe firms now have their own manufacturing facilities and manage the whole process. When it comes to resources or the number of pairs produced, this reduces waste. As a result, there would be almost no UA pairings.

2. The factories that make the shoes are also not owned by the labels, so they have no qualms about reselling the unsold pairs. When the brand owns the factory, they may sell any excess inventory to the open market if they so want. Because UA shoes are often offered for less than retail, it would be detrimental to the brand in the long term.

3. Outsourced manufacturers are still used by shoemakers, but mainly in certain circumstances (such as Adidas 4D or BOOST) when a specialist is required. Furthermore, all of these manufacturers have signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and breaching such agreements might result in significant financial losses for the specialized firm. Damages in the tens of millions of dollars. Contrary to popular belief, BASF is the only source of authentic BOOST soles. This means Adidas will buy BASF BOOST soles and use them in their own facilities for the production of Ultraboost or other BOOST goods.

4. The Vapormax silhouette is unique in this regard. Beaverton, Oregon, and St. Louis, Missouri are the only two locations where Vapormax soles are manufactured. The Air Manufacturing Innovation Plants refer to both of these plants. The Vapormax devices are then constructed in their own facilities across the globe.

5. The majority of shoe firms manufacture distinct elements of the shoe in separate facilities. After that, the components are transferred to a single plant where they are put together. "Specialization" is the term for this approach. This implies that each plant is only capable of producing one portion of the shoe. Increased efficiency and less waste are the benefits of this.


We may safely conclude that "Unauthorised Authentic" no longer exists with this revised interpretation of its genuine meaning. Unfortunately, there isn't much difference between counterfeit shoes these days and the real thing. It is best to buy your sneakers directly from the brand's website or a legitimate sneaker shop unless your source is completely verified.

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