Coolest Sneakers on AliBaba in 2022

Coolest Sneakers on AliBaba in 2022

When consumers go into the Jimmy Choo's store on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris on a cold, dreary day, it's not the Avril stiletto heels with Swarovski crystals that catch their eye; it's a pair of crystal-encrusted Diamond black sneakers that are €100 more costly than the Avril shoes.
However, despite the fact that the shoe was first introduced two years ago, it has earned fresh importance for a brand that is generally recognized for its 10cm (3.9-inch) heels.
Because there was no Cannes Film Festival, no Met Gala, no evenings out, postponed wedding celebrations, and never-ending work-from-home, there were few opportunities to show off stylish stilettos in 2020 (unless if you're Emily, who is experiencing life in Paris in a Netflix original series).

According to Hortense Demay, accessories procurement director at Galeries Lafayette in Paris, "the sophisticated, evening high-heel market is suffering much more than other shoe categories." "This crisis is only accentuating certain patterns that were already in place," says the author.

Last year, demand for designer shoes declined by 21% internationally, compared to a 19% decline for the overall footwear industry, according to statistics gathered by Euromonitor International & Associates. In addition, the section of the market had been developing at a slower rate in the five years before to the coronavirus pandemic's arrival.

However, while Lyst, the world's largest fashion search platform, saw an increase in online searches for "heels" by 33 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the same period the previous year, representatives believe this was due more to a desire for shorter mules, which saw a 47 percent increase, and the general shift to online shopping during the pandemic.

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Shoes with stilettos were down 12 percent and shoes with heel boots were down 9 percent from the previous year; shoes with sandal heels were up 21 percent. A 242 percent increase in slipper searches, and a 110 percent increase in clog searches within that category, were among the most popular.

Even those who despise them have a hard time understanding them. Crocs has found fresh life, with sales expected to increase by more than 12 percent in 2020, reaching US$1.4 billion, a record high for the brand.

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According to Stephanie Clairet, divisional merchandising manager for fashion accessories and shoes at Paris department store Printemps, "brands such as Louboutin, Sergio Rossi, Jimmy Choo [and] Stuart Weitzman saw their sales for exquisite shoes fall" in 2020. According to the author, "They've had to adjust to the market and produce sneakers with lower heels."

After the epidemic, the creative director of Jimmy Choo has said that her personal behaviors have altered as a result of the experience.

"Lately, my collection of shoes has been exclusively trainers," Sandra Choi stated during a conversation with the Financial Times about the economics of luxury before the holidays. She anticipates that in the future, shoes will be designed with practicality in mind: "I anticipate that I will want things to be even more comfortable in the future. "I don't believe that glamour has to be limited to high heels."

Department retailers are making adjustments. This year, Demay explains, the Galeries Lafayette flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann will undergo a renovation of its shoe area, which will include extra space for shoes.

In today's world, sneakers are "a little like denim jeans," says Jennifer Cuvillier, style creative director at LVMH's high-end department store Le Bon Marché in Paris. Sneakers are "a little like denim jeans," she adds, since they "appeal to all generations and all types." "They're an essential element of any traditional ensemble."

At Milan Design Week in 2019, Balenciaga shoes were seen being worn outside the Palm Angels fashion presentation.

Balenciaga shoes seen outside Palm Angels design presentation at Milan Fashion Week in 2019.

Following the pandemic, changes in the shoe industry that had begun before the outbreak – especially the popularity of athleisure and casual wear – have only increased in speed. A number of high-end fashion designers have capitalised on this trend with resounding success. Take, for example, Balenciaga's US$976 hefty Triple S sneakers and US$700-plus socks-and-shoes Speed Trainer model, both of which have become omnipresent on the streets of the world's fashion capitals.

It's not just about footwear, however. Celebrities like as Princess Diana and Carrie Bradshaw flocked to Jimmy Choo's Sex and the City collection in the 2000s (which may be revived in the near future). Jimmy Choo has just begun a cooperation with outdoor brand Timberland. The resultant pair of boots, which retails for more than US$5,000 and is coated in Swarovski crystals, "sold out instantly," according to John Idol, chief executive officer of Capri Holdings, the brand's parent business, on a conference call with investors. Idol said on December 3 at the Morgan Stanley consumer and retail conference that the company's Hawaii shoe is the company's best-selling item.

Capri Holdings, a publicly traded business that owns the Versace and Michael Kors brands, is one of the few firms that owns and operates a premium footwear brand that reports quarterly financial results. Previously, the company had "some difficulties in the dress footwear market, but that was before Covid-19." Idol said at the Morgan Stanley conference that "really, the taste of many customers is shifting, and it's lot more casual in character." Taking on the premium casual footwear market would help Jimmy Choo to grow its yearly sales from roughly US$550 million to US$1 billion, according to Idol, who did not specify when the company would attain that goal.

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