The Best SB Dunks on Dhgate

The Best SB Dunks on Dhgate are worth every dollar with so many different shoes there are tons of them to choose from on dhgate

The Best SB Dunks on Dhgate

If you want to say that the most popular shoes in the last two years are the Dunk sb. People like Travis Scott and SB Dunk cashews have been making a lot of new models. OFF-WHITE and Nike also made new models of the Dunk low. In the past week, a pair of cross-border DUNKs have been sold. In 2020, DUNK was more popular than the once popular pair AJ 1. This is now the era of dunks! What do we have in our daily lives? Dunks can be hard to tell apart.

Check the shoe label first, but don't forget to look at the rest of the shoe. Normally, when you open the genuine SB tongue, you will see a clear English mark that says "NIKE SB." This means that this is a professional DUNK SB series skateboarding shoe. The fake tongue only has the "NIKE" logo.

The second thing is how thick the tongue is. There are changes made to the tongue of Nike Dunk SB skate shoes to make it easier to skate and safer. For most skateboard shoes, the tongues of real skateboard shoes tend to be about 2.5 cm longer than those of fake DUNK.
Then there is the look. How the shoes look is usually based on how much glue has oozed out, whether there is the sense that they're a fake, how well they're made, how clear they are, and how they feel on your feet. Also, how well the sock soleplate is made and how your feet feel are important. Sense, the look of the shoe box, and the steel seal on the shoe box can all tell you about the shoe.

Buyers Comments

"This NIKE DUNKE SB DUPE IS JUST RIGHT! Those are great! Even Nike socks were included in the package! It's a good thing I bought this. Definitely worth it!"

"Beautiful, high-quality love took a long time to get, but it was worth the wait."

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